TGD-S™ - Tank Gauging Device (Density)

Density measurement device TGD-S™ is designed for precise and continuous submersible measurement of liquid density in various tanks and reservoirs. 

TGD-S™ is manufactured in stainless steel with an ingress protection of IP 67. It consists of a housing with the electronic unit and a sensor element, comprising a differential pressure sensor and two membranes, placed at a fixed distance and connected through capillary tubes.  

TGD-S™ measures density of the media by measuring the hydrostatic differential pressure between the two membranes, and provides resulting density value as a digital HART® protocol output.

The density sensor element is designed to be installed at the bottom of the tank with the housing and electronics outside of the tank, providing easy access to the electronic parts.

TGD-S™ Features and Advantages:

  • Precise and reliable measurement in any liquids including aggressive media
  • HART® 2-wire connection
  • Less cabling – only 2 wires
  • Easy installation in difficult-to-reach areas (flexible rod)
  • Easy maintenance/calibration/reparation
  • Compact unit
  • Proven technology ensuring high measurement reliability



Novagraf A/S