TGD-T™ - Tank Gauging Device (Temperature)

TGD-T™ is a high-accuracy multipoint (up to 15 measurement points) temperature sensor, which can be used in almost any type of liquid.

TGD-T™ is as standard manufactured in stainless steel with an ingress protection of IP 67. It consists of housing with a built-in multiplexer and a flexible temperature probe with up to 15 PT-100 resistance thermometers. The PT-100 thermometers offer excellent accuracy over a wide temperature range and are located inside the probe.

Operating principle of TGD-T™ is based on converting output signals of resistance thermometers into temperature equivalent, received through HART® interface.

Measurement accuracy of TGD-T™ is 0.15°C when using DIN A class resistance thermometers. TGD-T™ ensures accurate measurements of average product temperature even when there is vertical temperature gradient in the tank.

The TGD-T™ is ATEX approved and can be directly mounted in hazardous areas. The multipoint solution is easy to install with a minimum of cables. Length of the temperature probe and the layout of the thermometers are can be based on customer requirements and request.

TDG-T™ Features and Advantages:

  • Precise and reliable measurement in any liquids including aggressive media
  • HART® 2-wire connection
  • Less cabling – only 2 wires
  • Up to 15 measurement points
  • Easy installation (flexible probe)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact unit
  • Any length on request 


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