TGD™ - Liquid Level, Temperature, Pressure and Density Measurement Device

Tank Gauging Device - TGD™ is designed for simultaneous measurement of level, temperature (up to 15 points), pressure and density. It is used for measurement of bottom water in tanks and storage terminals of oil, oil products and liquefied gases, on offshore drilling platforms, FSO and FPSO, as well as for estimation of product volume, stored in reservoirs and bullet tanks, using volume-weight method.

Depending on the application type, TGD™ can be supplied as a 1-channel (level or temperature measurement), 2-channel (level + temperature; temperature + density), 3-channel (level, temperature and pressure/density) or 4-channel version (level, temperature, pressure and density).

Operation principle of TGD™ is based on the patented principle of Guided Low Frequency (GLF™) wave propagation, which allows equally precise measurements along tank height with any shape of tank and type of liquid. 

Principle and Advantages of GLF™ Technology:

· GLF technology measures difference in density between air and liquid.
· Tank geometry and objects inside the tank, such as ladders, heating pipes, etc. do not affect the signal.
· GLF technology secures equal measurement accuracy of the whole tank – from top to bottom.
· Automatic calibration with accuracy of 1mm every 2 seconds.
· GLF technology is not affected by foam.
· GLF technology allows a reduced number of sensors to be installed in tank.
· Flexible solution with possibility for waveguide to be bent/curved.

TGD™ Features:

· Automatic calibration
· High level of accuracy
· Less cabling – only 2 wires 
· No moving parts – longer lifetime 
· Flexible and easy installation 
· Explosion proof

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